45 min


Acupuncture session designed to focus on a single issue or single area of injury. 



45 - 75 min


Acupuncture session designed for more complex or longer standing issues.  The extra time is provided to incorporate a full body balance as well as treating specific issues.


Fusion Acupuncture

55 min



This popular selection combines acupuncture with other energy balancing techniques to explore underlying emotions which are preventing full recovery from illness or injury.  It works on both the physical layers incorporating fascial release and simultaneous expression of any underlying emotional issues which may be preventing the injury or illness from clearing.  A true mind body exploration.


Fusion Acupuncture

85 min


Experience the ultimate healing in which your journey of self discovery is fully explored in a supportive environment.  The generous time allowance makes it ideal for those who wish to explore any stored emotions and and prefer the extra time to fully explore any issues which come up.  This is primarily designed for those who require extra time to be able to fully release or for more stubborn issues. 


Chinese Herbal Consultation

30 min


Chinese herbs have powerful beneficial effects on the body and can be used either on their own or as part of a holistic treatment program working synergistically with acupuncture to provide optimal healing.  You will be offered your choice of a custom blended herbal formula or herbs conveniently pre prepared in pill form.  Please note that all acupuncture sessions include a complimentary Chinese herbal consult.  This consult is intended for those who opt not to have acupuncture.


Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

15 min


Ear acupuncture is used to treat weight loss, smoking and addiction issues.  It is designed as a stand alone therapy with the sole focus on reducing cravings.  It not intended as a replacement for full body acupuncture which is best for allowing the body to recover from the effects of these harmful habits.